About The Founder

Organized Hustling was created from Angelo Austin’s experience in starting and running his own business, which is fragrance company Preeminence. From a simple passion project that began with one fragrance, Austin grew his business to a 6-figure company after learning about digital marketing.

The goal of Organized Hustling is to help new entrepreneurs add structure to their hustle, with the mission of turning it into a consistent form of income, just like what Austin had done to his own company.

As the founder and owner of Preeminence, Austin’s childhood passion for fragrance led him to a career in the art of fragrance making, even going as far as Paris to do an apprenticeship in the famed Musee du Parfum Fragonard. Merging passion, skills, perseverance, and techniques he learned in the realm of digital marketing, Austin is on a quest to turn dreamers into successful businessmen and women.

In addition, Austin is the proud marketing coordinator on the National Entrepreneur’s Association subcommittee YE.